Does your child display one or more of these symptons:

If one or more of these conditions affect your child, Crossroads may be of help. Concetta Russo, Ed. D. is a leading authority on childhood developmental and learning dsisabilities, including Dyslexia, Autism and Attention Deficit Disorder. With over 30 years experience in diagnosing and treating children, Dr. Russo works individually with clients in her Long Island practice, while continuing to instruct educators how to recognize and treat these conditions. Her evaluations are often presented to local schools boards to ensure these children receive additional attention and testing time in the classroom.


Our standardized battery of tests can pinpoint if your child has dyslexia, what kind of dyslexia they have and the impact their dyslexia has on their academic profile.

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Consultation and
Professional Development

Crossroads presents
Orton-Gillingham based reading programs that develop the underpinnings of reading, spelling, fluency, comprehension and auditory memory for students within a K-12 environment.

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Academic Therapy

Crossroads provides intensive,
one-to-one instruction that focuses on developing Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Fluency and vocabulary skills which lead to better comprehension skills.

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