Crossroads for Educational Services, Inc

As the CEO of Crossroads Educational Services, I personally guarantee the highest quality in our evaluations, consultations, advocacy, professional development as well as academic therapy. Everything we do incorporates our incredible passion for the special needs student – especially the dyslexic. It is this passion that pushes us toward making sure that every child who is within a K-12 environment receives the help that they need. Our approach to literacy training has eliminated children’s anxiety toward reading and enabled them to excel in all subject areas of academia.


Reading / Reading Recipe Training Programs:

Intervention Strategies for Struggling Readers. An Orton-Gillingham Based Program: This workshop/training contains a comprehensive, multisensory, phonic-based reading program which presents a skill sequence and lesson structure designed for beginning, at-risk or struggling readers. Recipe for Reading / Reading Recipe can be used as a successful intervention for students in Tier 1 or can be the primary, beginning reading program for Tier 2 and 3 students as well as special education reading programs. Please contact Crossroads for Educational Services for training.


Crossroads offer a comprehensive testing battery which is a compilation of standardized tests that allow us to establish an accurate picture of each individual’s ability/disability. Our testing battery is specific to a student’s reading disorder especially dyslexia. A full analysis , consultation and report is part of every evaluation.

Written Language:

Crossroads offer written language comprehension programs for those who struggle with comprehension and written language skill deficits.

Professional Workshops:

Crossroads offer professional workshops for teachers, administrators and parents. These workshops have the central theme of dyslexia. The following questions are answered during our workshops: How does a child qualify as a dyslexic? How is a child remediated with dyslexia? How does a district provide appropriate programming for dyslexic children within a public school? How do I, a parent, know that my child has the right program?

Response to Intervention:

Crossroads partners with schools and districts to establish an effective learning environment under the Response to Intervention framework. This framework enhances research-validates common core Tier 1 instruction and effective Tier 2 and 3 interventions while developing the 5 core components of reading.


Crossroads provides intensive one-to-one instruction that focuses on developing decoding, encoding and recognizing words in print.

www.NPRinc.com (RTI Guide: Making It Work)
www.epsbooks.com (Recipe for Reading manual and workbooks)


Our standardized battery of tests can pinpoint if your child has dyslexia, what kind of dyslexia they have and the impact their dyslexia has on their academic profile.

Consultation and
Professional Development

Crossroads presents
Orton-Gillingham based reading programs that develop the underpinnings of reading, spelling, fluency, comprehension and auditory memory for students within a K-12 environment.

Academic Therapy

Crossroads provides intensive,
one-to-one instruction that focuses on developing Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Fluency and vocabulary skills which lead to better comprehension skills.

Scholarship Reading Program

The DyslexiaCrossroadsProgram, Inc. has been established to offer free Reading tutorial services for children whose families qualify as low income status from volunteer tutors.