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DyslexiaCrossroadsProgram Inc. (501c3)

The newest endeavor of Crossroads for Educational Services, Inc. is the DyslexiaCrossroadsProgram.Inc.(501c3).This organization is our non-profit extension. The DyslexiaCrossroadsProgram raises money in order to offer students who come from low-income families tutorial reading services free of charge. It is hoped that these services in reading will help change the trajectory of their academic lives.

Mission Statement:

The mission of DyslexiaCrossroadsProgram, Inc, (501c3) is to teach low-income children with dyslexia or language-based learning disabilities to read free of any charge

Description of The Organization:

The DyslexiaCrossroads Program is a program that provides children of low income families tutorial reading services using an Orton-Gillingham reading program free of charge. Children are seen once or twice a week on an individual or small group basis. The group is comprised of two students who are functioning in reading at a similar reading level. Students are also placed in the Rapid Response Reading App for the remainder of the week until their next session.

Descriptions of the Reading Tutors:

Tutors must have a high school diploma but do not need to be an educator. A tutor can also have an associate degree in education or attending a school to become a teacher. The tutors will receive 20 hours of Professional Development on one of the Orton Gillingham reading programs. The tutors will sign a contract in order to commit to 60 hours of volunteer tutoring.

Criteria for Selection:

Students are determined eligible if they receive assistance in a free lunch program or its equivalent. The districts that are targeted will be districts that are known to having low income families.

Structure of a Setting:

Students will be receiving the program for a maximum of 60 sessions.

Students will be informally evaluated in the beginning of the first session, the middle of the sessions (30 days) and at the end of the sessions (60 days) to determine progress.

Students will be scheduled for one to two sessions a week for one hour including the use of the Rapid Reading Response App.

Tutors will be able to receive their sessions at the DyslexiaCrossroadsProgram office or at the library of the student’s school district.

Target beneficiaries of the DyslexiaCrossroadsProgram:

Students will be between the ages of 6 to 18. All individuals must meet the criteria of being part of the low-income community within their district. All students must attend a school in Nassau and Suffolk Counties. (RTI Guide: Making It Work) (Recipe for Reading manual and workbooks)

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Our standardized battery of tests can pinpoint if your child has dyslexia, what kind of dyslexia they have and the impact their dyslexia has on their academic profile.

Consultation and
Professional Development

Crossroads presents
Orton-Gillingham based reading programs that develop the underpinnings of reading, spelling, fluency, comprehension and auditory memory for students within a K-12 environment.

Academic Therapy

Crossroads provides intensive,
one-to-one instruction that focuses on developing Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Fluency and vocabulary skills which lead to better comprehension skills.

Scholarship Reading Program

The DyslexiaCrossroadsProgram, Inc. (501c3) has been established to offer free Reading tutorial services for children whose families qualify as low income status from volunteer tutors.